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  • Shifting The Paradigm...

    Of Digital Display Technology

  • Uses 65% Less Power

    Now That’s A Brighter Shade Of Green.

  • Game Changing Displays

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  • Simplistic, Modular

    Instant Messaging.

Visually Stunning. Energy Efficient.
Remarkably Affordable.

ADTI Media prides itself as being the industry's leading technology innovator, and provider of premium-quality, American-made outdoor LED displays suitable for both retrofit and new installations. Our patented SKYPANEL™ and SKYNET™ technologies are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified factory in Southern California, and have been rigorously tested by Outdoor Industry experts and Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories.

Industry Leading Benefits


    Boost Return On Investment with lower upfront purchase and freight costs & faster delivery.

    Advanced modular configuration simplifies and accelerates the installation of new or replacement signage.

    Cut power consumption by up to 65% compared to your traditional system with the breakthrough high-efficiency design of SKYPANEL™.

    SKYPANEL's™ dynamic architecture allows users to easily add new modules to current systems, and rapidly upgrade outdated signage.

    Readily available financing programs accommodate ADTI Media’s partners and their customers.

    Display crystal clear, high-brightness messaging with premium, fully sealed and weatherized LEDs for 100,000+ hours.

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Thin, Modular, Form-Factor Design.

Beyond dynamic display, the modular design of SKYPANEL™ and SKYNET™ series signage simplifies and streamlines the installation and retrofitting processes. These displays weigh 40% less than traditional systems, allowing them to be easily moved and placed on almost any surface, while dramatically reducing energy consumption. And, thanks to clean and accessible architecture, adding and programming new modules is quick and uncomplicated.

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