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I still remember many years ago accompanying my mom as a teenager to buy a new vacuum cleaner for our house.  We made the drive to the local Sears and proceeded to the aisle where the vacuum cleaners were located.  The light reflected off the shiny, new plastic of the floor models located on the shelves there, and I couldn’t help but get excited about the prospect of having something new, even though it wasn’t something that would benefit me directly in any dramatic way.  It wasn’t like it was a new car; but I would use this new, shiny vacuum cleaner often because, after all, I was the kid in the house that did the vacuuming as my regular chore.  

There were all kinds of vacuums, with all kinds of snazzy design elements and features.  There were the regulars like Hoover, Bissell, and Oreck; but, there were also off brands that I don’t think even the biggest of vacuum cleaner aficionados would have heard of.  Of course there were all kinds of price points too, ranging from a several hundred dollars on down; and of course the lesser known brands were positioned in the lower confines of the price range.

My parents were always looking for the best deal, but in an era devoid of smart phones, and the high speed internet we take for granted today, it was hard to determine which model of vacuum had the most value.  So, my mom, who usually goes for the cheapest option, chose the cheapest model available.  $89.99 later, we were walking to the car with a brand new vacuum.

Fast forward eight months:  I was accompanying my mom to Sears so that we could buy a new vacuum cleaner.  The vacuum that we purchased not eight months earlier had died a horrible and dramatic death.  I still remember it well.  I was vacuuming one day, as it was my daily household chore, and noticed a smell of something burning, only to look down at the vacuum to see smoke permeating from the vent covering the motor; and not more than a few seconds later, it made an awful noise, and shut down completely. We looked at the options in the vacuum aisle, and just like my mom always did, she selected the cheapest option.  89.99 later, we were walking to the car with a brand new vacuum cleaner.

Fast forward approximately twelve months later:  I was accompanying my mom to Sears so that we could buy a new vacuum cleaner...  This cycle took place two more times.  We had tried other brands, but the thing that remained consistent was we bought either the cheapest model available, or the second cheapest model available.

What we should have done was make one purchase of a proven, and well-built option.  We may have paid a few hundred dollars more, but after two years, we would have had the same, well running, vacuum cleaner from the original purchase.

“You get what you pay for” is a saying that is prevalent in our society, and for good reason.  The choice between quality or low cost is not unique to vacuum cleaners, but everything consumers purchase.  This is especially true with outdoor digital LED signs.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Outdoor digital LED manufacturers in the marketplace today; and that number will certainly increase as outdoor digital continues to grow in popularity.  The issue is: there are few quality LED manufacturers out there, and plenty of low cost, low quality ones.  

To help demonstrate the difference between the two, it is important to explain what actually goes into the manufacturing of an outdoor digital LED product.  

The LED chips are the foundation of a digital sign, or electronic message board (EMC).  They are a solid state light emitter that is made up of precious metals.  The type of metal depends on the color of the LED.  The purity of the precious metal is what determines how well it emits light and how much power it takes to reach the desired illumination level.  High quality LED chips from quality LED chip manufacturers, like Cree LED, have a higher quality of precious metal, and use less energy to reach the desired luminescence.  Low quality LED’s, which often are manufactured in China, lack purity in their precious metals.  This is one way that manufacturers cut costs.  The result is the need to overpower the LED in order to reach the same illumination as the higher quality, purer LED.  Having to overdrive the LED means that you are evaporating the typical life of that LED, and it ends up dimming, or failing in a short period of time.

The circuit boards of the LED module also contribute to the quality of a digital sign.  The circuit board transport the power to the LED, provide the data to the sign, and regulate its importance.  The quality of the circuit board comes down to how well it is engineered and manufactured.  Under engineered circuit boards lead to errors and massive inefficiencies.  Shoddy soldering is the prevailing culprit, which contributes to a board that thirsts for an enormous amount of power, and has a very high potential to fail.

Many outdoor digital signs require fan systems to regulate the operating temperature of the LED module.   When a module gets too hot, it fails.  Fans are a moving part in the sign and is the most susceptible component of a sign or module to fail, and is often the first place to look when a sign or module goes out.  The solution is to choose a quality manufacturer that utilizes high quality fans, or a quality manufacturer whose modules don’t require fans at all.  ADTI Media’s Sky Panel is a high quality example of this.
Outdoor digital signs are obviously, outdoors, and therefore are exposed to the elements.  Extreme cold, extreme heat, rain, wind and snow, will certainly take a swing at your digital sign depending on where it is located.  The weatherization of outdoor LED modules is imperative in ensuring it runs well for a long period of time.  The issue with low cost solutions is they cut corners when it comes to protecting their modules from the elements.  Many assemble and deliver a finished sign; the process of which includes prefabricating a structure, or cabinet made of aluminum or steel, and then mounting their modules and fans into that structure. Then they use cheap weather stripping, or rubber gaskets in attempt to keep the elements, most notably water, away from the fans and LED modules.  Often the construction of the cabinet and placement of the weather stripping is poor, or the sun and elements eat away at the integrity of the weather stripping, letting water in.  What happens next is the fans suck in the pooling water, and either they fail, or the water the fan displaces drenches the modules and they fail.  High quality digital sign manufacturers fully weatherize their modules with high quality compound, not just on one side, but both sides of the module; however, the process to ensure full weatherization means not cutting cost in manufacturing.  In order to determine how well your sign will perform in the weather you should inquire on the sign’s IP rating (Ingress Protection).  An IP rating of 67 or higher will ensure that your sign is protected fully from dust, and can resist water up to the point of immersion.

The fact is that the highest rated outdoor digital sign manufacturers are located in the United Sates, and it is widely known that the lower quality and cheaper alternatives are manufactured in China.  You must be careful in how each manufacturer markets their product.  Many companies with Chinese manufactured products state they are American made, or American assembled, which really means the manufacturer sources all the sign components from China and then assembles them in the United States; but rest assured, they are indeed, Chinese products.  Make sure that the manufacturer you choose manufactures, or sources their components from American companies.

Lamar outdoor, the largest digital purchaser in the world, sources several manufacturers for their digital billboards, and signs.  They conducted an accelerated aging test among half a dozen outdoor digital manufacturers to simulate ten years in the elements, and measured the light output each maintained over that period of time.  What the best outdoor LED manufacturers demonstrated was a consistent reading, resembling a straight line (see fig 1).  ADTI Media’s Skypanel is indicated by a light blue line.  You can observe the light that these modules emitted stayed, more or less, the same over the course of the test.  The manufacturers represented by lines that started out very high, only to drop precipitously, typically mean Chinese construction.  The modules are made with lower quality components, need to be overdriven to obtain their initial brightness, which shortens the life of the LED and means a lot less brightness after just a few years in the simulation.

In conclusion, just like my mom had a choice to either buy a vacuum of known origin and quality, or save a couple bucks and buy the cheapest one out there; you have the choice to invest in a quality outdoor sign for your business that may cost a bit more, or choose the cheaper alternative.  But just like my mom, who ended up buying four vacuums in as many years, you may find your constantly failing sign is not providing you a return on your investment, needs constant maintenance, completed at an indeterminate added expense, or needs to be taken down all together in order to install the quality sign you should have purchased in the first place.

You have seen them while driving on the freeway, you have seen them at the entertainment or sports venue you went to last, and you certainly have seen a lot of them if you have ever spent time in New York City, or Las Vegas.  Some call them Electronic Message Centers, Outdoor LED, Video Walls, and, of course, Jumbotrons.

Outdoor digital signage has arrived in a big way, and the use of it is growing exponentially.  In fact, the International Sign Association projects that the digital signage industry will grow 62% over the course of the next five years, bringing the industry revenue from $14.63 billion annually, to $23.76 billion by 2020.  Furthermore, the advancement of the technology used for the manufacturing of outdoor digital signs has contributed to their dramatic increase in reliability, performance, image quality, and their ability to captivate and attract the eyes of consumers; furthermore, the advancement of LED technology, which is the standard for illuminating digital signs, means decreased production costs, and a much lower cost of total ownership for the sign owner over the lifetime of the sign.

Traditional out of home media companies, like Lamar Outdoor, are quickly making the switch from static roadside billboards to dynamic outdoor digital solutions.  The change allows them to sell more advertising space without having to increase the number of their physical billboard inventory.  

Here is an example:  Vince Miller, the General Manager of DDI media, wrote in an article for Digital Signage Today ( in April 2016 about their adoption of outdoor digital, and the importance of its use in the growth of DDI’s bottom line. DDI operates a total of 1,150 billboard faces, 19 of which are outdoor digital; however, those 19 faces contribute 10% of the total advertising revenue for the company.  Less than 2% of DDI’s total inventory, contributes 10% of their total revenue! 

The word is out and the globe is seeing a broad adoption across industry of all types to this technology.  There are many great reasons for why enterprise is moving in this direction.  Here are a few of them for you to consider as you think about whether outdoor digital signage will work for your business.

Dynamic Content
Although digital freeway billboards and frontage signs aren’t approved to play video, or animated content, you are, in many cases, allowed to run video for on premise signs.  The ability to run dynamic, moving content inherently pulls the focus of passing consumer traffic, and allows your message to be consumed, and remembered.   If you are relegated to running static ad messages for your business on your digital sign, the image is going to be much more compelling and captivating than static signage, and can be switched out with a rather high frequency ensuring your content stays fresh; furthermore, because these signs are illuminated it is easy to see, and isn’t subjected to the same image fade the sun causes with traditional static signs.   You are also not isolated to running one promotion at a time, which is the status quo with static signage.  Instead you are able to run several promotions, sales, etc., and don’t need to feel obligated to see a promotion through if it isn’t effective at driving sales.

Real Time Flexibility
Sometimes companies plan a promotion in advance; prepare by producing materials, ad creative and static signage, execute the launch of the campaign, just to find out that it all needs to change.  The only course of action is to take all that work and money spent, throw it away, and start over; in turn, investing a whole lot more money on the production of new materials for the changed initiative.  You may have flexibility with a lot of the media you chose to utilize, but with static signage, you are out of luck; it will need to go into the trash.  Not so with digital signage.  If something needs to be changed, it can be changed immediately.  No need to take down, reprint, or refabricate, then reinstall the signage; just to take it all down again after the promotion is over.  Although the installation of a digital sign is more expensive initially, other than the need for electricity to power the sign, there is little to no additional expense. 

Higher Message Recall
Because digital signage offers dynamic and vivid content, it pulls the focus of consumers.  Digital signs are just more appealing, and entertaining than traditional static signs.  This leads to a much higher message recall.  According to an Arbitron study 70% of consumers surveyed recall seeing a digital sign within the past month; and of those, 55% specifically recall the message they consumed. 

Higher Revenue
It’s simple, you make more money if you have a digital sign.  The United States Small Business Administration has determined that businesses can expect at least a 15% increase in revenue, and as much as 150% increase, just by having an outdoor digital sign.  In conjunction, the average cost per 1000 impressions is $.45 with digital signs.  Compare that with $5.47 for radio, and $6.26 for TV.

Less Trash
There is usually one thing in common with all sorts of static signage: it’s made out of plastic.  Whether it is a PVC banner, PVC rigid substrate, acrylic, or vinyl printed graphics, when it is done, it goes in the trash.  Think of all the promotions and sales initiatives different businesses do, and then imagine what happens to all the signage material they used to promote that initiative; yep, that is a lot of garbage.  Outdoor digital doesn’t share this characteristic.  When the promotion is done, you hop on your content management software, and you make a change.  The only thing you may throw away is the old art file, which you wil grab with your mouse, and drag it into the recycle basket located on your desktop.

The projected growth and adoption of digital signage all over the world illustrates how strong the future is for this technology.  There are so many more reasons in addition to the few we mention here when considering outdoor digital signage as a solution for your business.  ADTI manufactures high quality digital LED technology.  Check us out, and let us know how we can help you make the transition into this exciting new world.

There are many choices for outdoor LED displays on the market today. So how do you choose the right one? The answer comes down to quality and cost.

When comparing quality, here are some important items to look at.

While they might look like light bulbs, there is a lot that goes into the manufacturing of high quality LEDs. An LED, unlike a traditional light bulb, gets its color from semiconducting elements, AILInGaP for reds, InGaN for greens and blues. Slight differences in the composition of these elements make a huge difference in the brightness, color and quality of your display. It’s important to make sure the display you are buying uses high quality LEDs, manufactured under tight quality controls.

Make sure your display is tightly weatherized. A rating of IP66 or higher is recommended. IP ratings tell you a lot about the manufacturing quality of a display. IP ratings are broken into two components. The first number indicates dust protection, and the second number indicated water protection. A rating of IP65 for example indicates “dust tight” by the number 6, and the number 5 indicates “protected against water projected from a nozzle.” IP66 gives you the same dust protection while protecting the components against “heavy seas or powerful jets of water.” IP67 indicates “dust tight” and “protected against immersion.” Displays with higher IP ratings indicate a higher level of engineering to ensure performance and reliability of the display.

Cost is an obvious component in choosing an outdoor LED display. While they might look like large flat screen televisions, there is a lot more engineering involved in creating a bright, crisp picture that looks great on a 6 to 100 foot wide display. Here are some tips to managing costs without skimping on the quality of your picture.

Energy Cost Savings
A major cost of owning a digital display is long term energy usage. Because of engineering differences, display resolution, and LED quality differences, power consumption can vary greatly between manufacturers. It’s important to compare average power consumption data before purchasing an outdoor digital display. Choosing an energy efficient system can save thousands over a 10 year period.

Shipping and Installation
Shipping and installation costs also vary depending on the manufacturer. Some signs are shipped as completely assembled displays, while other might come in modular pieces. A fully assembled system might save time during installation but might require heavier equipment to transport and lift into position. Modular systems can be preassembled into prebuilt sections that can ship on standard flatbed truck, where at the project site, it is crane lifted in pieces and locked together to build the display.

Cost savings by ADTI Media
The ADTI Media SkyPanel display is a modular system designed to save upfront and long term costs without sacrificing performance and quality. Its revolutionary design combines performance and cost savings into a quality built, American made product.
• Display uses high quality Cree LEDS for a brilliant and crisp display
• IP67 Rated for superior outdoor performance in even the harshest environments
• Fanless design is naturally cooled, reducing energy costs and eliminating the intake of dust, debris and moisture
• Light weight, modular design saves on shipping costs
• Easily installs with prebuilt modular sections to large displays
• 5 year manufacturer warranty


On Saturday, March 19th, the team at ADTI Media got colorful at the San Diego Color in Motion 5K. The event raised money for the Boys and Girls Club of North County San Diego through an exciting, family friendly 5K that was bursting with color… literally.

ADTI Media has always promoted a culture of health, fitness and fun, and this event was a great way to get the team together, along with family and friends to get moving, and raise money for a good cause. With ADTI Media committed to building the best-and-brightest, colorful display systems, we saw a fun connection with this event that ties with our brand and office culture.

If you’ve never been to a color run before, here’s what it’s like. It is your body moving while being plastered in an explosion of vibrant color with all your friends and family! As you sprint, jog, or walk along the course you are bombarded with bright colors that transform a group of ordinary runners into a moving rainbow. The color is completely safe and washes off easily. The concept of color runs originated from ancient Hindu Celebrations. The color powder is basically a mixture of cornstarch and dye that is 100% safe and biodegradable.


Not all LEDs are created equal. When choosing LEDs for the ADTI SkyPanel™ display system, there were many factors we tested before selecting Cree LEDs. The result is a bright, energy efficient display with rich, consistent color. When customers buy a SkyPanel™ product, they also get the amazing benefits of Cree.

Design verified according to the industry's most rigorous testing

Cree is very selective in allowing companies to use the Cree LEDs brand. Not all Cree LEDs-based luminaires are eligible to use the Cree LEDs brand. Companies whose luminaires are illuminated with Cree LEDs and successful completed Cree's Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical, Photometric and Optical (TEMPO) testing with satisfactory results are eligible to apply to participate in the Cree LEDs Branding program.

Therefore, when you choose LED luminaires that are Cree LEDs branded, you get the assurance that the products perform as specified because the luminaire has been through Cree's extensive TEMPO (thermal, electrical, mechanical, photometric and optical) testing. With Cree LEDs branded luminaires, you don’t just hope that is good, you know it is good.

Strengthened by industry-leading LEDs, delivering high performance and first-class reliability

The Cree brand is synonymous with the highest-quality LED lighting. Cree LEDs define the metrics by which all other LEDs are measured. When you choose LED luminaires that are Cree LEDs branded, you don’t get hype. You get access to the unparalleled innovation and proven technology that delivers the industry's most-reliable and highest-performing LEDs. Cree makes the industry's best LED components for nearly every lighting application, from directional and distributed to high-bay and roadway.

Critical to obsolete energy-inefficient lighting

Cree's mission is to obsolete energy inefficient lighting. Cree does everything with this mission in mind. In fact, no other LED company has done as much as Cree to develop the LED lighting market. With more than 2500 patents issued and over 3000 patents pending, Cree's relentless innovation delivers products designed to accelerate LED adoption and push the boundaries of what's possible with LED lighting. Higher-performance LEDs can enable new and better LED-based applications and drive down the solution cost of LED designs.



Believe it or not, digital signage is seen each day by over 70% of the population. Research shows that we spend an average of 8 hours per day in front of a screen of some type, including televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones, or increasingly… digital signage. Pretty much everywhere you go and everywhere you look, there is some form of digital signage. Businesses, entertainment venues, and educational institutions, as examples, are continually using digital signage to take messaging out-of-home and engage with audiences in compelling new ways. The ROI of adding digital signage is now proven, but one question seems to always pop up... “Which digital signage display technology is right for me?”. We’re going to clear up some of the current confusion between LCD flat panels and direct view LED displays.

Deciding which technology is right for you boils down to your application, objectives, and budget. To the first order, if your viewers are going to be up close and personal with the display (a few feet away), an LCD is better suited. If you’re going to be viewing from much longer distances (requiring a very large image), then LED may be the way to go. Of course, it’s not that simple with other considerations that may be in favor of one over another. There is resolution, pixel pitch, image size, ambient light, indoor versus outdoor, along with building codes, installation, servicing, and last but not least, budget.

LCD flat panels come in 1080P and 4K UHD resolutions. The higher the resolution, the more pixels per inch, and the closer the viewer can be. Common sizes range from around 10” all the way up to 95” diagonal. In terms of brightness they range from 300 nits to 700 nits for low to medium ambient light conditions, and 2500 nits for high ambient light and outdoor applications.

Direct view LED displays come in an almost unlimited range of sizes, up to 100 feet (or more) in width. Pixel pitch resembles resolution in a flat panel… it is the measurement of how close the pixels are in a direct view LED, and the smaller the pitch, the closer the viewer can stand. In terms of pixel pitch, they are available in outdoor configurations from 10MM to 30MM depending upon the viewing distance requirements. More recently we have seen low pitch indoor LEDs from 10MM all the way down to an amazing 1.1 MM.   Just for the record, most of us would be happy to have a home theater with the 1.1 MM wall. Of course indoor or outdoor, brightness is their strong suit at 4,000 to 8,000 nits. The higher the brightness of the display the more direct sunlight it can compete against. Keep in mind that there can be too much brightness and this must be considered in terms of local codes.

One of the biggest considerations in display selection is image size versus viewing distance, which is very different for LCD and direct view LED. Here are a couple of quick rules of thumb to guide you.

For viewing a typical LCD, there is the 4/6/8 rule. A factor of 4 times the image height is needed for analytical viewing of complex information.A factor of 6 times the image height is for detailed viewing of common content, and 8 times the image height for general informational viewing.

For direct view LED displays it is more complex. The pixel pitch defines how close someone should stand to the display before they will see the individual pixels (image will appear to be broken up). This calculation is based on the ability of the eye to resolve a small object as separate and distinct. To determine an LED display’s minimum viewing distance, you can convert the pixel pitch into a distance in meters. Simply multiply the pitch by 1000 to convert. For example, a 6MM pitch would have a minimum viewing distance of 6 meters or just under 20 feet. This is the critical specification in ensuring image quality when using an LED display. Please do the math, and realize that from a visual perspective, you cannot break the laws of physics.

Another key differentiator is indoor versus outdoor applications. The vast majority of LCD displays are intended for indoor use. Yes, there are a few LCD displays that are IP56 outdoor rated for temperature and humidity protection, but non-rated models will require an enclosure if used outdoors. On the direct view LED side of things, the majority are rated for outdoor use but the newer, finer pixel pitch displays are rated for indoor applications.

As you can see there is a lot to consider as we looked at resolution and viewing distance versus image size as well as brightness, but the 800-pound gorilla in the room is the actual application and the budget. Simply stated, direct view LED is more expensive than LCD but there are places where they cannot compete. If you want a huge outdoor rated display in high ambient light, direct view LED is the only real choice. If you want a smaller indoor display with the viewer closer to the display, then LCD gets the nod. The big decision comes when the new finer pixel pitch direct view LEDs with their high brightness and bezel free image run into an LCD videowall.

The LCD videowall is capable of being matrixed in very large sizes and the new thin bezel designs make the image more and more seamless. The good news for LCD is one of value. The cost differential to do a similar job in a 1.1 to 2.5MM direct view LED, that would look as good from a short distance, is significant. High ambient light might be a mitigating factor for sure but the cost is not comparable and only the person who writes the check can make that value distinction.

As noted in the beginning, there are places for LCD and direct view LED. There are also things that one or the other cannot do. It is understanding the application thoroughly and then the advantages and limitations of each technology and ultimately the budget that will drive the final decision.


Signage is not only one of the oldest forms of advertising, but it also reins as one of the most effective advertising forms available. With outdoor digital LED signs becoming more and more affordable, sign contractors have a unique opportunity to help local businesses put their sales on overdrive with these helpful selling tips on outdoor digital LED signage.  

Digital signage opens some really exciting opportunities for local businesses. Below are the top 5 reasons why customers should invest in digital signage for their business.

1)      It’s relevant:
The most important advantage to digital signage is that content can be updated quickly and easily. Getting an important message out is as simple as a mouse click, letting business owners create fun and unique promotions like flash sales, daily specials and holiday promotions.

2)      It grabs attention:
Adding on-premise signage increases revenue for businesses by as much as 17%. Combined with the unique messaging possible on digital LED signs, businesses can not only get noticed by their name, but also by the products and services they sell.

3)      It’s hyper local:
Digital signage is a great way for businesses to reach customers in their local market. There’s no better way to show they are part of the community than to have their products and services displayed on their building.

4)      Traffic on their street might be more than their website:
Many business spend thousands promoting their business on the web. What sometimes gets overlooked, however, is the traffic outside their door. A business near a busy street or freeway can see as much as 10,000 cars per month.

5)      It’s more affordable than ever:
Digital signage has become not only more affordable, but also higher quality. The ADTI SkyPanel system for example is modular, which lets sign contractors build any size sign with just a few simple components, reducing shipping and installation costs. It also has one of the highest energy efficiency ratings on the market, which leads to long term operating cost savings.

Outdoor digital LED displays are a smart choice for businesses looking to reach more local customers. For more information on the SkyPanel modular LED system visit the product page. For a limited time, business owners can take advantage of special financing and lease offers.


Partnership expands availability of ADTI’s innovative new display technology to commercial sign contractors across the nation.

Temecula, CA – LED digital display manufacturer ADTI Media LLC has announced a distribution partnership with Tubelite, the nation’s leading distributor of products and services for the commercial sign industry. The partnership will increase supply and support to meet a growing demand for the innovative display technologies manufactured by ADTI.

“It’s an exciting partnership for us because of the unique design features of ADTI Media’s SKYPANEL™ display systems,” states Greg McCarter, Chief Operating Officer for Tubelite. “Most digital displays are custom built by manufacturers for each installation, but SKYPANEL™ displays are part of a modular system that lets sign contractors build their own displays, regardless of the size. This gives our customers more flexibility while exceeding the expectations of end-users.”

SKYPANEL™ has been engineered to meet the current and future needs of the outdoor digital signage and billboard advertising markets. These display systems weigh much less than traditional LED displays, allowing them to be easily installed at almost any location or mounted to almost any surface. The highly energy-efficient design requires dramatically less energy consumption, as much as 60% less compared to other LED displays on the market. The product offers maximum ease of installation for commercial sign contractors, while providing sign owners with a lower initial capital investment, and significant energy and cost savings over the long run.

“The distribution partnership with Tubelite makes a lot of sense,” says Greg Littlefield, Vice President of Sales for ADTI Media. “Our product was specially designed to give commercial sign contractors a cost effective alternative compared to traditionally built digital displays. With Tubelite’s nationwide presence and their 87-year reputation in the commercial sign industry, the partnership will equip commercial sign contractors with the resources and flexibility they need to quickly compete on digital sign projects.”

The SKYPANEL™ system is an American made product, manufactured in ADTI’s ISO 9001 certified factory in Southern California. The system was designed to meet the quality, performance and cost requirements of Lamar Outdoor, one of the nation’s largest billboard advertising companies. The product underwent numerous enhancements, providing not only long term energy cost savings, but also ease of service and reliability. Since its launch into the commercial sign market, SKYPANEL™ LED digital displays have been installed across the globe, and have quickly become a popular choice for sign contractors looking for a versatile product that can ship in days, while accommodating virtually any installation size.

The partnership with Tubelite makes it faster and easier for commercial sign contractors to order product and get local support across the nation. The SKYPANEL™ digital LED display system will be available through Tubelite beginning early 2016. For more information on product availability and ordering, visit

About Tubelite:
Tubelite is a national supplier to the sign, screen printing and digital imaging industries. With over 87 years in the industry, Tubelite has developed and flourished into one of the largest distribution companies for the commercial sign industry. With corporate offices in Florida and New Jersey, and nine fully-stocked sales centers, Tubelite is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support for products, training, technical assistance, marketing tools and resources. For more information visit or call 800-505-4900.


Next week, below the mesmerizing peaks of the McDowell Mountain Range in Scottsdale, the Arizona Sign Association will be hosting the much-anticipated TopGolf event and ASA trade show. ADTI will be joining other key innovators in the industry for an evening of networking, fine cuisine, soothing libations and, of course, excellent golfing. The event schedule can be found here.

But, if you think you can pull yourself away from a perfect storm of industry-leading innovation and favored pastimes to explore this true gem of the American Southwest, this list of Must-Do’s will help make your visit to Scottsdale one for the memory books.

1. Tom’s Thumb Trail

Arizona is renowned for its rugged beauty. (Kinda’ like SKYPANEL™… OK, enough shameless self-promoting…) If you have the time, we strongly suggest taking in the outdoors. A great start is the 4.4 mile hike along Tom’s Thumb Trail, just north of Scottsdale. A spectacular well-signed trail that rewards those who reach its peak with breathtaking views – and a sense of achievement. Tom’s Thumb rock is easily visible from the free parking, a stoney beacon above the trails. What’s harder to find is a small cave nestled between two boulders, known as The Ogre’s Den.

Watch out for:

  • Simply amazing vistas and desert scapes
  • Sunburns – Wear a good hat and lots of sunblock
  • Rattlesnakes – You should be just fine if you stick to the trail and keep your ears sharp
  • The Ogre – Legends of old have it that he lives in the secret den. Some hikers leave trinkets (not trash) in for him in his cave.

2. Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town is a staple on most Top-10 to-do lists in Scottsdale, and for good reason. Somewhat of a trip back in time, you’ll find a Main Street akin to those of the Wild West. A melange of historical and western architecture surrounds you as you meander streets filled with live music venues, sculptures, shops of all varieties and delectable restaurants. Don’t miss the array of world-class art from hundreds of artists that can be admired and purchased in a variety of galleries.

3. Penske Racing Museum

Innovation is the engine that drives us all. But let’s not forget innovation is the engine of… well… engines, too. Those with a need for speed simply cannot miss out on the Penske Racing Museum in northern Scottsdale. You can literally feel the horsepower coursing through your veins as you walk the aisles lined with racing’s most advanced machines from decades past up to today.

Be sure to:

  • Check out every car. You won’t want to miss a one.
  • Grab lunch at the Turn 4 Cafe overlooking the Penske test track and off-road course.
  • Swing through The Boutique to find “merch” for your man cave.

4. Tony MacAlpine @ Pub Rock Live

Looking for a great way to wrap up a fun evening? Tony MacAlpine will be taking the stage at the Pub Rock Live. Known for his captivating guitar licks and solos, a Tony MacAlpine show is the perfect way to in the weekend ahead. Tickets to the show are $20. Expect a line at the door, but great tunes and very-reasonable prices once you’re inside. Want a taste of MacAlpine’s talent? He’s all over YouTube.

5. Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

Ready to unleash your creative exuberance? The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is currently home to several stunning exhibitions from some the our nation's preeminent visual, vocal and culinary artists. The museum is rich with interesting work, much of which incorporates light, in particular how it is displayed, received and interpreted. We’re particularly interested in the work of Bruce Munro, whose luminous work is currently featured. “Munro uses light,” says SMoCA, “to animate environments in ways that activate myriad associations.” As leading digital LED display manufacturers, you can see why we’re interested. Much like Munro, the core of what ADTI Media does is provide a means of connecting audiences with a company, a message, or a product – then helping to develop a positive association to it. Learn more about Munro’s exhibit at the SMoCA website and more about ADTI’s SKYPANEL on our website.

You'll also want to see:

  • Archilumen – an exhibition by the students of the New School for Arts and Academics, which draws inspiration from contemporary architecture and “smart city” technology to create a luminescent “city of light.”
  • Dinner with Silvana Salcido Esparza – The day after TopGolf, Scottsdale’s celebrated local chef will be serving up delectable twists on her signature dishes. Dinner is served at 7:00 PM. More info here.

6. River Rafting

Twisting through the Valley of the Sun are several spectacular rivers and exhilarating rafting opportunities. Seeing Scottsdale’s pristine and alluring landscape from the surface of a running river is an experience you won’t soon forget. From salt banks to waterfalls to precipitous canyon walls, you’ll be enthralled as you embark downstream. A quick Google search will reveal the top rafting and excursion companies.

Top Spots:

  • The Salt Banks, where you can take a dip in the salt water, hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean.
  • Native Ruins, where you’ll glide past the earliest Native American settlements.
  • The falls of Cibecue Canyon, where you can cool off beneath the spray of breathtaking waterfalls.

ADTI is grateful to the Arizona Sign Association for hosting an event we’ve been waiting all year. Swing by our table to share industry insights and innovations. We would also like to tee off with you at some point – but go easy on us, we’ve been spending more time at our headquarters developing the latest digital LED display systems than we have on the green. And perhaps we’ll get to join you for some excitement around Scottsdale. If you have any questions about our revolutionary SKYPANEL technology, or about the upcoming ASA show, feel free to call us directly (951) 795-4446 or request a callback by visiting our contact page.


Conduct a quick Google search and it’s clear: People are looking towards outdoor digital displays as a strong investment for their company. And with good reason – it works. Digital LED Displays are shown by both the US Small Business Administration and the US Chamber of Commerce to be able increase sales by 15% to 150%. In today’s feast-or-famine economy, this means second helpings for some businesses.

But a major concern arises among potential billboard owners. Many see high cost as a deterrent. Substantial purchase costs and lingering installation times make R.O.I. seem more like a distant goal than a pivotal business move.

Enter SkyPanelTM by ADTI Media, game-changing digital LED displays that spell affordable, do-able change for many large and small businesses. SkyPanel helps business and sign owners overcome investment apprehensions with low upfront purchase and freight costs, and extremely fast delivery. Because our signs are modular, our dealers can put products into customers’ hands in less time than ever before. This means more sales in less time.

With a rapid and smooth installation process, and swift retrofits of existing low-tech signs, upfront savings are a given. But the real power to businesses comes after the installation.

SkyPanel displays are remarkably energy efficient. Many sign owners can shave 65% of their electricity costs, compared to standard LED displays. This is on top of the 15% to 150% potential sales increase confirmed by both the US Small Business Administration and the US Chamber of Commerce, noted above. SkyPanel is also incredibly durable. It’s lightweight and thin architecture belie the its impressive durability. Our signs are weatherized, and capable of withstanding extreme conditions, so while we hope that not too many of your potential customers will be out and about in such conditions, it’s nice to know they’ll still be able to read your message clearly if they are.

Thinking about investing in LED digital signage? Keep these points in mind:

  • Look for American-made quality
  • Look for modularity: this can save on investment and maintenance costs
  • Ask about flexible financing options to reduce upfront costs
  • Think speed: the faster the installation, the faster your potential ROI
  • Demand energy efficiency: Save money, and Mother Nature while you’re at it.

Ready to invest? Contact ADTI Media now.


In this digital age, businesses are tasked with the challenge of keeping up.  More and more resources are invested in the research and development of technology, so businesses can deliver the most innovative products and services.  We see this in our cars with back up cameras, digital displays with interactive touchscreens, and wireless everything.  Consumers demand this innovation and businesses rely on it to drive more sales.

Whatever your business may be, in some way, you are part of this movement, striving to compete by continually reinventing your products and services.  So, it is necessary that your business mirror the advancements you've made on the inside, to the public outside.  Utilizing innovative, highly luminous LED outdoor signs for your outdoor advertising is a great way to show consumers that you are a progressive business, capable of delivering the best in today's market place.

ADTI is the industry leading manufacturer of innovative high quality LED displays.  The SkyPanel is a high performing display with direct view LED which provides beautiful, high quality true-to-life colors.  It's low profile, modular design makes it simple to install over existing sign structures, for a seamless and professional look.  These are just some of the innovative advantages of SkyPanel to help your business stand out to consumers.

Let ADTI help you present your company as the progressive and innovative company that consumers are looking for.  Contact ADTI today at (951) 795-4446.  To learn more visit our website, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages.


ADTI Media understands that the quality and reliability of their SkyPanel LED digital display is only as good as the quality of the parts and components that go into it.  For this reason, ADTI is very selective when choosing their vendor suppliers.  They invest an abundance of time and energy toward identifying and establishing business relationships with leading manufacturers that can supply the best parts.  And, their confidence and trust in American made quality means SkyPanel parts and components come from American Companies.

ADTI's biggest supplier is Cree Inc., a market leading innovator and manufacturer of semiconductor light emitting diode (LED) materials and devices, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.  The Cree brand is synonymous with the highest quality LED lighting.  Their proven technology delivers the industry's most reliable and highest performing LEDs.

ADTI's SkyPanel digital display incorporates the Cree Screen Master color LED.  This LED is specifically designed for full color video screens and billboards.  The oval shaped radiation pattern and high luminous intensity ensure that these LED's are excellent for applications where a wide viewing angle and readability in bright sunlight is essential.  The advanced optical grade epoxy that it is made with offers superior high temperature and high moisture resistance performance.  And, the encapsulation resin contains anti UV material that, reduces the effects of long term exposure to direct sunlight.  This results in a powerful LED that will be reliable for many years to come.

ADTI is committed to providing the highest quality American made, LED outdoor digital display available today.  For more information visit our website, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages.  Call us today in Temecula, CA at (951) 795-4446.


Across the country, some of the largest brands employ LED digital signage to stand out from the competition and grow their business.  In the competitive field, digital signs can do three important things to give your business an edge and outpace the competition.

Boost the Image

The appearance of a store can influence shopping behavior.  Industry research shows that customers will consistently choose clean, updated facilities over older dated locations.  New LED high definition signs can improve consumers' impression of your business establishment.  It tells your customers that your store is modern and updated, imprinting in them a preference to visit your store.  And, the more people who prefer to shop in your store, the more money you make.

Showcase Uniqueness

Today, among all the competition of national chains and independent operators, many stores create a niche market to set themselves apart.  But, if the only way to showcase their uniqueness is from inside the store, these efforts are wasted.  Outdoor digital signage gives store owners the ability to advertise their uniqueness: coffee bar, low prices, specialty products and services.  These differentiators can be important to customers looking for a particular product or service, and can lead them to your business.  Furthermore, because an LED sign can be seen from farther away, it can grab the attention of a customer before they go to a competitor.

Direct Customers to Profit Centers

In many cases, the highest gross profit margins are not with the store's main product.  For example, dollar for dollar, gas stations make more money on convenience items than gas.  Or, movie theaters make more money on concessions than ticket sales.  Advertising the high margin merchandise with an LED sign is a smart strategy to gain higher profits.

ADTI Media is the industry leading manufacturer of innovative high quality LED outdoor signs.  Their revolutionary SkyPanel is a scalable modular system that can provide a cost effective, energy efficient solution to outdoor signage.  Get the edge on the competition and contact ADTI today at (951) 795-4446.  To learn more visit our website, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook pages.


Today’s Out of Home (OOH) Advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising media around.  It touches the hard-to-reach audience where other forms of traditional media can’t: where people work, shop, travel and play.  It surrounds and immerses consumers out of the home, where they spend 70 percent of their waking hours.

Out of Home Advertising is a creative and versatile medium consisting of a dynamic mix of formats, locations and technology to take advertising messages further.  It consists of billboards, digital displays, bulletins and messaging affixed to sign structures, street furniture, and moving transit.  It can be found anywhere from highways and city streets to airports and shopping malls.  And, it works around the clock, with always changing content grabbing people's attention when they are on the go.

If you have not already considered OOH as an advertising medium, perhaps the following will persuade you.

  • OOH advertising extends the reach of TV by 18%, Radio by 45%, Internet by 68% and Mobile by 318% (Media Behavior Institute)
  • OOH achieves some of the lowest CPM's and highest ROIs in advertising
  • OOH creativity heightens ad awareness and grabs consumer's attention.
  • OOH influences consumers at a time of day when they are 33% more alert
  • OOH delivers messages relevant to the location and time of day.
  • OOH presents ads that can't be delayed, skipped or turned off

Digital billboards are one of the most popular OOH formats because they provide high impact and exposure with flexibility.  They can rotate multiple messages as text or images every few seconds that can be changed weekly, daily or even hourly.  Easy to use and control, the user can pull creative content via HTML directly to the source.  This keeps the content fresh and relevant.  Consider what more OOH advertising could do for your business.


For entertainment venues that are looking to promote special events, dynamic outdoor LED displays are a critical tool.  The static sign that sat in front of your building is now considered passe by  industry standards.  Now with LED dynamic displays, businesses have the flexibility to actively promote events in a timely manner and engage viewers like never before.

ADTI Media is proud to say that they have answered the call of business owners that want the flexibility to quickly and easily change their messages.  With the Sky Panel Display, multiple messages can be scheduled to target key audiences with meaningful and relevant content at specific times of day.  Not only is this flexibility the best way to increase ticket sales, exposure, and foot traffic but it's also the best way to get a return on your outdoor sign investment.

Now your outdoor sign can work overtime for you, 24 hours 7 days a week.  For example, your venue may benefit from promoting a concert on a weekend while it may be more beneficial to promote an executive conference during rush hour.  And, your sporting venue can build excitement outside the ball park and bring in fans by displaying up to minute statistics of a baseball game in progress.

ADTI Media's large outdoor LED display systems help companies with dynamic digital messaging at outdoor areas, entertainment venues and shopping centers.  Click here for more information on the ADTI Media SkyPanel digital displays to learn more about the product features and competitive advantages for businesses. 


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Very Affordable & Consistent

ADTI's digital displays are very affordable and consistently produce crisp, clean images and text. When you are looking for a great return on your investment, that's a powerful combination.

- Bill Ripp, Director of Lamar Digital

We Now Have The Capability To Do So Much…

What we had for the last decade was a sign that looked like 100 watt light bulbs that you screw into a lamp. Now with the LED SkyPanel display from ADTI Media, we just have the capability to do so much more.

- Boris Said, BMW of Murrieta

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