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Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Digital Signs for your Business.

You have seen them while driving on the freeway, you have seen them at the entertainment or sports venue you went to last, and you certainly have seen a lot of them if you have ever spent time in New York City, or Las Vegas.  Some call them Electronic Message Centers, Outdoor LED, Video Walls, and, of course, Jumbotrons.

Outdoor digital signage has arrived in a big way, and the use of it is growing exponentially.  In fact, the International Sign Association projects that the digital signage industry will grow 62% over the course of the next five years, bringing the industry revenue from $14.63 billion annually, to $23.76 billion by 2020.  Furthermore, the advancement of the technology used for the manufacturing of outdoor digital signs has contributed to their dramatic increase in reliability, performance, image quality, and their ability to captivate and attract the eyes of consumers; furthermore, the advancement of LED technology, which is the standard for illuminating digital signs, means decreased production costs, and a much lower cost of total ownership for the sign owner over the lifetime of the sign.

Traditional out of home media companies, like Lamar Outdoor, are quickly making the switch from static roadside billboards to dynamic outdoor digital solutions.  The change allows them to sell more advertising space without having to increase the number of their physical billboard inventory.  

Here is an example:  Vince Miller, the General Manager of DDI media, wrote in an article for Digital Signage Today ( in April 2016 about their adoption of outdoor digital, and the importance of its use in the growth of DDI’s bottom line. DDI operates a total of 1,150 billboard faces, 19 of which are outdoor digital; however, those 19 faces contribute 10% of the total advertising revenue for the company.  Less than 2% of DDI’s total inventory, contributes 10% of their total revenue! 

The word is out and the globe is seeing a broad adoption across industry of all types to this technology.  There are many great reasons for why enterprise is moving in this direction.  Here are a few of them for you to consider as you think about whether outdoor digital signage will work for your business.

Dynamic Content
Although digital freeway billboards and frontage signs aren’t approved to play video, or animated content, you are, in many cases, allowed to run video for on premise signs.  The ability to run dynamic, moving content inherently pulls the focus of passing consumer traffic, and allows your message to be consumed, and remembered.   If you are relegated to running static ad messages for your business on your digital sign, the image is going to be much more compelling and captivating than static signage, and can be switched out with a rather high frequency ensuring your content stays fresh; furthermore, because these signs are illuminated it is easy to see, and isn’t subjected to the same image fade the sun causes with traditional static signs.   You are also not isolated to running one promotion at a time, which is the status quo with static signage.  Instead you are able to run several promotions, sales, etc., and don’t need to feel obligated to see a promotion through if it isn’t effective at driving sales.

Real Time Flexibility
Sometimes companies plan a promotion in advance; prepare by producing materials, ad creative and static signage, execute the launch of the campaign, just to find out that it all needs to change.  The only course of action is to take all that work and money spent, throw it away, and start over; in turn, investing a whole lot more money on the production of new materials for the changed initiative.  You may have flexibility with a lot of the media you chose to utilize, but with static signage, you are out of luck; it will need to go into the trash.  Not so with digital signage.  If something needs to be changed, it can be changed immediately.  No need to take down, reprint, or refabricate, then reinstall the signage; just to take it all down again after the promotion is over.  Although the installation of a digital sign is more expensive initially, other than the need for electricity to power the sign, there is little to no additional expense. 

Higher Message Recall
Because digital signage offers dynamic and vivid content, it pulls the focus of consumers.  Digital signs are just more appealing, and entertaining than traditional static signs.  This leads to a much higher message recall.  According to an Arbitron study 70% of consumers surveyed recall seeing a digital sign within the past month; and of those, 55% specifically recall the message they consumed. 

Higher Revenue
It’s simple, you make more money if you have a digital sign.  The United States Small Business Administration has determined that businesses can expect at least a 15% increase in revenue, and as much as 150% increase, just by having an outdoor digital sign.  In conjunction, the average cost per 1000 impressions is $.45 with digital signs.  Compare that with $5.47 for radio, and $6.26 for TV.

Less Trash
There is usually one thing in common with all sorts of static signage: it’s made out of plastic.  Whether it is a PVC banner, PVC rigid substrate, acrylic, or vinyl printed graphics, when it is done, it goes in the trash.  Think of all the promotions and sales initiatives different businesses do, and then imagine what happens to all the signage material they used to promote that initiative; yep, that is a lot of garbage.  Outdoor digital doesn’t share this characteristic.  When the promotion is done, you hop on your content management software, and you make a change.  The only thing you may throw away is the old art file, which you wil grab with your mouse, and drag it into the recycle basket located on your desktop.

The projected growth and adoption of digital signage all over the world illustrates how strong the future is for this technology.  There are so many more reasons in addition to the few we mention here when considering outdoor digital signage as a solution for your business.  ADTI manufactures high quality digital LED technology.  Check us out, and let us know how we can help you make the transition into this exciting new world.

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ADTI's digital displays are very affordable and consistently produce crisp, clean images and text. When you are looking for a great return on your investment, that's a powerful combination.

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What we had for the last decade was a sign that looked like 100 watt light bulbs that you screw into a lamp. Now with the LED SkyPanel display from ADTI Media, we just have the capability to do so much more.

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