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Top things to consider when choosing an outdoor LED display

There are many choices for outdoor LED displays on the market today. So how do you choose the right one? The answer comes down to quality and cost.

When comparing quality, here are some important items to look at.

While they might look like light bulbs, there is a lot that goes into the manufacturing of high quality LEDs. An LED, unlike a traditional light bulb, gets its color from semiconducting elements, AILInGaP for reds, InGaN for greens and blues. Slight differences in the composition of these elements make a huge difference in the brightness, color and quality of your display. It’s important to make sure the display you are buying uses high quality LEDs, manufactured under tight quality controls.

Make sure your display is tightly weatherized. A rating of IP66 or higher is recommended. IP ratings tell you a lot about the manufacturing quality of a display. IP ratings are broken into two components. The first number indicates dust protection, and the second number indicated water protection. A rating of IP65 for example indicates “dust tight” by the number 6, and the number 5 indicates “protected against water projected from a nozzle.” IP66 gives you the same dust protection while protecting the components against “heavy seas or powerful jets of water.” IP67 indicates “dust tight” and “protected against immersion.” Displays with higher IP ratings indicate a higher level of engineering to ensure performance and reliability of the display.

Cost is an obvious component in choosing an outdoor LED display. While they might look like large flat screen televisions, there is a lot more engineering involved in creating a bright, crisp picture that looks great on a 6 to 100 foot wide display. Here are some tips to managing costs without skimping on the quality of your picture.

Energy Cost Savings
A major cost of owning a digital display is long term energy usage. Because of engineering differences, display resolution, and LED quality differences, power consumption can vary greatly between manufacturers. It’s important to compare average power consumption data before purchasing an outdoor digital display. Choosing an energy efficient system can save thousands over a 10 year period.

Shipping and Installation
Shipping and installation costs also vary depending on the manufacturer. Some signs are shipped as completely assembled displays, while other might come in modular pieces. A fully assembled system might save time during installation but might require heavier equipment to transport and lift into position. Modular systems can be preassembled into prebuilt sections that can ship on standard flatbed truck, where at the project site, it is crane lifted in pieces and locked together to build the display.

Cost savings by ADTI Media
The ADTI Media SkyPanel display is a modular system designed to save upfront and long term costs without sacrificing performance and quality. Its revolutionary design combines performance and cost savings into a quality built, American made product.
• Display uses high quality Cree LEDS for a brilliant and crisp display
• IP67 Rated for superior outdoor performance in even the harshest environments
• Fanless design is naturally cooled, reducing energy costs and eliminating the intake of dust, debris and moisture
• Light weight, modular design saves on shipping costs
• Easily installs with prebuilt modular sections to large displays
• 5 year manufacturer warranty

Very Affordable & Consistent

ADTI's digital displays are very affordable and consistently produce crisp, clean images and text. When you are looking for a great return on your investment, that's a powerful combination.

- Bill Ripp, Director of Lamar Digital

We Now Have The Capability To Do So Much…

What we had for the last decade was a sign that looked like 100 watt light bulbs that you screw into a lamp. Now with the LED SkyPanel display from ADTI Media, we just have the capability to do so much more.

- Boris Said, BMW of Murrieta

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